Beth Cox

Special Counsel

Practice Areas

  • Commercial law
  • Administrative law
  • Employment law
  • Property law

Beth is a Special Counsel at Griffin Legal with a key role in our Commercial Team.

Beth is an experienced commercial lawyer, bringing a considered and focussed approach to achieving good client outcomes. Beth specialises in advising our clients on areas of employment law, complex contracts and legislative interpretations.

Beth’s has worked across industry, government and in private practice allowing her to bring a wholistic perspective to her advice.

Beth also volunteers her time on not-for-profit boards.

Other Team Leaders

  • Carina Zeccola
    Carina Zeccola

    Managing Director

    • Privacy and Information Technology Law
    • Government
    • Corporate Governance
  • Claire Carton
    Claire Carton

    Executive Director

    • Corporate and commercial law
    • Employment law
    • Integrity
  • Damien Brazel
    Damien Brazel


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    • Government Advisory
    • Administrative Law
  • Nicole Platt
    Nicole Platt


    • Probity
    • Procurement
    • Government Advisory
  • Beth Cox
    Beth Cox

    Special Counsel

    • Government IT Procurement and Contracts
    • Corporate/Non-corporate Governance
    • Industrial Relations and Employment
  • Fiona Jolly
    Fiona Jolly

    Special Counsel

    • Disputes and Litigation
    • Employment Law
    • Investigations
  • Melinda Smith
    Melinda Smith

    Special Counsel

    • Privacy Law
    • IT Law
    • Administrative Law
  • Kelly Bush
    Kelly Bush

    Conveyancing Manager

    • Conveyancing

Parental Leave for Casual Employees

For casual employees the unpredictability of their employment can be a major source of stress as often casual employees miss out on many of the entitlements that full-time and part-time employees enjoy. For many, this concern is further exacerbated when they learn that they are about to become a parent. It should therefore be of …
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Purchasing an Off-the-Plan Property

The interest in “off-the-plan” properties is ever increasing and is becoming more popular for buyers. An off-the-plan purchase is one where the Buyer enters into a contract to purchase a property that has not yet been constructed. Due to the prolonged settlement period for an off-the-plan purchase it is imperative for buyers and sellers to …
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