Griffin Legal has always offered flexible pricing options. Our pricing options include:

Hourly rates

Most clients engage us on the basis of our hourly rates. Our hourly rates are competitive, and mean you only pay for the time spent on your matter.

Fixed fees

As part of our innovative and contemporary approach, we have a fixed fee model for legal services where the scope of a matter is clearly defined. We appreciate that unanticipated services occasionally arise during the course of a matter. We issue Change Orders, incorporating a fixed fee, for these unanticipated additional services.

Retainer agreements

Need lawyers on an ongoing basis? Why not join our list of clients on a retainer arrangement? Clients pay a set amount each month for a certain number of hours. We are flexible and can design a package that suits you.

Charities and community organisations

Griffin Legal offers special rates for charities and community organisations. We recognise the benefit these organisations provide to the community, and this is one way we can help.


We understand what those early years are like because, like you, not so long ago we were a start up.   Griffin Legal knows that cash flow is an issue for start ups, so we offer discounted rates for start ups in the early phase.

For more information please contact us on (02) 6198 3100.