We're Here and Ready to Help You.

In what has been a difficult start to 2020, we must now respond to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic. 

It’s an uncertain time for businesses, employers, employees and the wider community. At a time when we do not know what to expect in the coming days, weeks and months, there are steps that we can all take to limit the impact of this pandemic.

We're here and ready to help.

It is business as usual for the team at Griffin Legal. We are continuing to provide quality services to our clients across our legal and advisory practice areas.

We are also working with our clients to navigate some still uncertain areas of law and to advise on practical solutions to address the Coronavirus pandemic. 

The top matters we have been working on in response to the Coronavirus are: 


  • Policy & procedure reviews and implementation. It’s often at times like these that you may find that there are gaps in your key documents.
  • Employee entitlements during this pandemic, including advising on stand-downs and leave entitlements.
  • Ways of working, including working from home arrangements and closing offices. 
  • Changing an employee’s duties or role.

Corporate & Commercial

  • Contract terminations and force majeure clauses, including the ability to get out of contracts or vary the terms. 
  • Advising on obligations to host AGMs during isolation periods.
  • Strategic advice to plan for the unexpected.


  • Offering secondment services to Government clients to provide them with the workforce to meet their deliverables. This includes providing remote secondment services, whereby our staff work remotely for the Government. 


  • Advising on the privacy law implications of working from home, including advising on data breaches – which we expect to see a rise in due to new ways people will be working.

Did you know that we provide consultancy & advisory services to various national organisations? For many of our clients, we are a phone call away for all their business needs, including their strategic planning.

We can act quickly and effectively to assist you during this unprecedented time. Above all, through our advice, we can offer reassurance to you and your team. 

Playing our part.

At Griffin Legal, we are doing what we can to limit the spread of the virus. We recognise that there are vulnerable people in our offices, our homes and in our community. We have responded by implementing the following practices:

Working from home

The majority of our staff are working from home. As the first law firm in Canberra to become paperless, we can work from anywhere. All of our staff have access to a Griffin Legal laptop, and we use secure cloud-based systems and software.

Social distancing

We are encouraging all our staff to participate in social distancing in their everyday lives.

Videoconferencing & teleconferencing facilities

Where possible, we are moving all external meetings and appointments to an online platform, to be hosted through secure videoconferencing and teleconferencing facilities. All our internal meetings are being hosted by videoconferencing and online team platforms. 

Closing our offices

For now, we have someone working at the Canberra office for deliveries, urgent meetings and phone calls. 

If you do need to attend our office for a meeting or any other reason, we ask that you adhere to any health & safety instructions provided by our staff.