Whole of Australian Government Legal
Services Panel.

With the ability to provide legal services in 5 Practice Areas under the Panel, Griffin Legal is one of the most successful Australian-wide SMEs on the Whole of Australian Government Legal Services Panel.

Under the Whole of Australian Government Legal Services Panel, Griffin Legal successfully tendered to provide Government legal services in the following Practice Areas:

  • General contract law
  • Procurement and tendering
  • Governance and probity
  • Insurance (other than workplace)
  • Information and communications technology

We can deliver services across Australia & we have implemented successful strategies to prevent business interruption due to the pandemic.

We offer secondment services to Government agencies. 

We have high standards for our recruitment of people. Which means we are routinely complimented by our secondment clients on the quality of our staff, their efficiency and the quality of the work they produce.

Total Quality Service.

Griffin Legal services will add value to your agency. We stand out from big firms because we prioritise more than the result. We prioritise value for money, practical strategy; and we take the time to understand your objectives, your people and your outcomes. We can do this because we provide Total Quality Service. 

Our Total Quality Service means, 

  • We deliver on timeliness
  • We deliver on communication
  • We deliver on availability
  • We deliver on price
  • We deliver on quality

Our Total Quality Service is implemented across all levels of Griffin Legal.

Government Services.

With a home office in Canberra, the Griffin Legal team are experts at Government legal services and advisory. Our location makes working with us convenient for Commonwealth agencies. Already in Canberra, we can service the Commonwealth without incurring costs to travel. We also routinely travel to various client sites around Australia.

Griffin Legal is also on the following Government panels:

  • Australian Bureau of Statistics Privacy Services Panel
  • ACT Government Solicitor’s Legal Services Panel
  • Department of Home Affairs Consultancy and Business Services Panel
  • Sport Integrity Australia independent investigator
  • ACT Public Trustee and Guardian services
  • ACT Land Development Agency Conveyancing Panel
  • Registered Secure Local Jobs auditors 

Our Key Personnel.

Our Key Personnel lead the Griffin Legal team with close to 40 years experience in legal services and Government advisory. All of our Key Personnel are experts at our successfully tendered Practice Areas.

Carina Zeccola, Managing Partner

Claire Carton, Partner

Damien Brazel, Partner

We are ethical.

Griffin Legal is an ethical SME. We are a signatory to the National Pro Bono Centre’s Pro Bono Target, and aim to exceed the target annually. 

We are signatory to the Minds Count Foundation’s Guidelines, and accredited with the ACT Government’s Healthier Work, Mentally Healthier Workplaces and ACTSmart Business recycling programs.

We sponsor and partner with several organisations within the Canberra and national communities to generate economic activity. Money paid to Griffin Legal stays in Australia. We also spend money in our community, including local SME goods and services; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses; and where possible by purchasing ethical products made in Australia.