Secure Local Jobs Code – Code Certificates

The Secure Local Jobs Code commenced on 15 January 2019. The Code applies to those in construction, cleaning, security and traffic management services undertaking or seeking to undertake territory-funded work.

Any ACT Government contractor must hold a valid Secure Local Jobs Code Certificate:

  1. at the time they submit a response to an RFQ, RFP, work order or tender for any territory-funded work;
  2. at the time they enter into a contract, agreement or other arrangement for territory-funded work; and
  3. for the term of any relevant contract for territory-funded work.

If the value of territory-funded work is above $25,000, applicants must also have a Labour Relations, Training and Workplace Equity Plan in place.

Code certificates are issued by approved auditors (link). Griffin Legal has three approved auditors as part of the Secure Local Jobs Code – Claire Carton, Peter McGrath and Sam Ryan-Baker.

In order to obtain a Code Certificate, applicants must complete an application and forward it to an approved auditor. The applications can be found by clicking here.

Before applying, we recommend that applicants read the Code and ensure their WHS systems and policies are in place.

If you have an existing territory-funded contract, you won’t need a Code Certificate unless you tender for new work in construction, cleaning, security or traffic management after 15 January 2019. If you are on an established panel in construction, cleaning, security or traffic management, a Code Certificate will be required for that panel.

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