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Digital ID Act passed

The Digital ID Bill passed Federal Parliament in May and will come into force in November 2024. Overall, the legislation aims to give Australians secure and effective ways in which to verify their identify for use in online transactions with government and business.

Can Performance Improvement Plans be bullying?

Employers or any level of management have the authority to take reasonable management action where an employee is not performing to their expected standard of performance. Despite this, the Fair Work Commission has considered whether performance improvement plans (PIPs), or the repeated application of them, could constitute workplace bullying.

Counteracting Ransomware

Ransomware attacks present an escalating threat to global security, one which threatens a broad range of organisations ranging from government agencies to small businesses. Driven by an increasingly interconnected IoT landscape and the use of outdated or legacy systems, ransomware poses a growing threat to Australia’s critical infrastructure – including the healthcare, financial services, transportation, …
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Using AI recruitment tools

General protections from unlawful discrimination under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) apply to both employees and prospective employees. It is important to ensure that reliance on tools such as AI in recruitment processes do not infringe on the protections from discrimination that are afforded to prospective employees. The list of attributes that are protected …
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