We have extensive experience in advising businesses.

We are an established and proven full service commercial law firm providing legal and advisory services to businesses of all sizes on every aspect of their business.

We have a passion for providing high quality services on a range of commercial matters for all different size businesses. We pride ourselves on developing long lasting relationships with our clients allowing us to intimately understand their business.

We carefully select each of our team members to enhance our culture and to create a collaborative, diverse and supportive team. We understand business. As a locally owned and nationally operating firm, we are proud of the important work we do for our valued clients and the role of our people in achieving practical and reliable outcomes.

Our Business Services

Our team of Business law experts have extensive experience delivering high quality services in each of our practice areas.

We are committed to delivering on our Client Service Standards of price, communication, timeliness and quality.

  • Privacy

    • Privacy policies, processes and practices
    • Privacy Impact Assessments
    • Complex privacy advice
    • Information flow assessments
  • Administrative Law

    • Statutory interpretation
    • Legislative changes and government policy
    • Policy development and analysis
  • Procurement & Tendering

    • Tender documents
    • Procurement processes
    • Negotiation with preferred supplier
    • Contracting and subcontracting
  • Corporate Governance

    • Governance reviews
    • Constitutions
    • Shareholder Agreements
    • Partnership Agreements
    • Joint Ventures
    • Trusts
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Business Purchases & Sales
    • Advising Boards
    • Corporations Act advice and compliance
    • Whistleblower schemes
    • Sexual harassment prevention and response plan
    • Child protection policies and procedures
  • Employment Law

    • Respect at Work
    • Workplace surveillance
    • Employment policies
    • Employment agreements
    • Enterprise Agreements
    • Workplace investigations
    • Restructure, termination and separation advice
    • Work health and safety
    • Employment law disputes
    • Sexual harassment prevention and response plan
  • Intellectual Property

    • Trade marks, copyright and licensing
    • Enforcement of intellectual property rights
    • Dispute resolution
  • Information and Communications Technology

    • ICT systems procurement
    • ICT contracts
    • Dispute Resolution
  • Dispute Resolution

    • Debt recovery
    • Liquidations
    • Property disputes
    • Employment law disputes – General protections
    • Employment law disputes – Unfair Dismissal
    • Human Rights and discrimination claims
    • Competition and Consumer law disputes
    • General commercial litigation
    • Administrative reviews
    • Defamation
  • Property

    • Conveyancing services
    • Commercial conveyancing
    • Leasing and licensing advice
    • Property and planning law advice
    • Property Law disputes
    • Crown lease variations
    • Development applications
  • Contract Law

    • Contracts and agreements
    • Unfair contractual terms
    • Corporate compliance services
    • Strategic planning and management reporting
    • Trust advice and structuring
    • Procurement
  • Insurance

    • Public liability claims
    • Coverage of insurance policies
    • Deeds of indemnity
    • Equity insurance trust agreement
  • Integrity

    • Royal Commission hearings and responses
    • ACT Integrity Commission hearings and inquiries
    • National Anti-Corruption Commission hearings and inquiries
    • Referral advice
    • Investigations
    • Government inquiries
    • Policy and framework advice
    • Fraud Control Framework advice
    • Governance frameworks
    • Anti-corruption advice
  • Secondments

    • Short term and long term secondment arrangements
  • Secure Local Jobs

    • Applying for certificates
    • Audits


Griffin Legal personnel are routinely engaged by agencies and organisations under both short-term and long-term secondment arrangements.

During the term of the arrangement, Griffin Legal personnel continue to be an employee of Griffin Legal but will work on-site alongside a team at an agency or organisation.

Secondment arrangements are beneficial to both our team members as well as the host agency or organisation. It is a great way to share information, access expert advice, and build relationships.

  • Specialised Advice

    Our seconded staff have provided specialised advice while embedded in Australian Government agencies in the following practice areas:

    • Privacy and data security
    • Data governance
    • Commercial law
    • Corporate governance
    • Procurement and tendering
    • Administrative law
    • Litigation services
    • Royal Commissions
  • Specialised Qualifications

    Our staff possess the following qualifications:

    • Certificate IV in Government Investigations
    • Diploma in Government Investigations
    • Security clearances at different levels
    • Employment Suitability Clearances
    • Working with Vulnerable People Cards
    • Approved Secure Local Jobs Code Auditors
    • Diplomas of Leadership and Management
    • AICD Company Director Course Graduates (GAICD)
    • Demonstrated experience working in, and for, government.
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Panel Arrangements

Griffin Legal has extensive capability in advising Government with a passion for providing high quality legal services to both Commonwealth Government and State/Territory Governments.

We can be engaged for both on-panel and off-panel work to suit the needs of the government agency.

We are proud to be an approved supplier appointed to many Australian Government and ACT Government panels.

    • Whole of Australian Government Legal Services Panel
    • Management Advisory Services Panel
    • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Probity Services Panel
    • Sport Integrity Australia Investigation Panel
    • Airservices Australia Workplace Investigations
    • ASIC Enforcement Bundling Arrangements
    • ACT Government Legal Services Panel
    • ACT Public Trustee and Guardian Panel
    • ACT Government Administrative Reviews, Investigations and Related Services Panel
    • Ararat Rural City Council Probity Panel
    • Registered Secure Local Jobs Auditors, appointed by ACT Government

Meet our


  • Carina Zeccola
    Carina Zeccola

    Managing Director

    • Privacy and Information Technology Law
    • Government
    • Corporate Governance
  • Claire Carton
    Claire Carton

    Executive Director

    • Corporate and commercial law
    • Employment law
    • Integrity
  • Damien Brazel
    Damien Brazel


    • Privacy and Information Technology Law
    • Government Advisory
    • Administrative Law
  • Nicole Platt
    Nicole Platt


    • Probity
    • Procurement
    • Government Advisory
  • Tim Dingwall
    Tim Dingwall


    • Government IT Procurement and Contracts
    • Corporate/Non-corporate Governance
    • Industrial Relations and Employment
  • Melinda Smith
    Melinda Smith

    Senior Associate

    • Privacy Law
    • IT Law
    • Administrative Law
  • Kelly Bush
    Kelly Bush

    Conveyancing Manager

    • Conveyancing

Our Areas of expertise

  • Government (13)

  • Not-For-Profit (14)

  • Sport (13)

  • Personal (2)

  • Our full range of Government services include:

    • Privacy
    • Governance & Probity
    • Administrative Law
    • Procurement & Tendering
    • Employment Law
    • Intellectual Property
    • Information and Communications Technology
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Property
    • Commercial Law
    • Insurance
    • Integrity
    • Secondments
  • Our full range of Not-For-Profit services include:

    • Privacy
    • Administrative Law
    • Procurement & Tendering
    • Corporate Governance
    • Employment Law
    • Intellectual Property
    • Information and Communications Technology
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Property
    • Contract Law
    • Insurance
    • Integrity
    • Secondments
    • Secure Local Jobs
  • Our full range of Sport services include:

    • Privacy
    • Administrative Law
    • Procurement & Tendering
    • Corporate Governance
    • Employment Law
    • Intellectual Property
    • Information and Communications Technology
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Property
    • Contract Law
    • Insurance
    • Integrity
    • Secondments
  • Our full range of Personal services include:

    • Estate Planning and Estate Administration
    • Conveyancing