Nicole Platt


Practice Areas

  • Probity & Procurement
  • Wills & Estates
  • Employment Law

Nicole is a Partner at Griffin Legal,  who specialises in the areas of probity and procurement, as well as overseeing the firm’s wills and estates practice.

Nicole is a subject matter expert on running defensible and compliant procurement processes, with a particular interest on ensuring probity in the process.

Nicole is an experienced Government lawyer who has worked in Canberra in both the public sector and the private sector as a qualified accountant and lawyer.

Nicole is also skilled in Public Sector, Policy Analysis, Government, and Employment law with a focus on contract management.

Other Team Leaders

  • Carina Zeccola
    Carina Zeccola

    Managing Director

    • Privacy and Information Technology Law
    • Government
    • Corporate Governance
  • Claire Carton
    Claire Carton

    Executive Director

    • Corporate and commercial law
    • Employment law
    • Integrity
  • Damien Brazel
    Damien Brazel


    • Privacy and Information Technology Law
    • Government Advisory
    • Administrative Law
  • Nicole Platt
    Nicole Platt


    • Probity
    • Procurement
    • Government Advisory
  • Beth Cox
    Beth Cox

    Special Counsel

    • Government IT Procurement and Contracts
    • Corporate/Non-corporate Governance
    • Industrial Relations and Employment
  • Fiona Jolly
    Fiona Jolly

    Special Counsel

    • Disputes and Litigation
    • Employment Law
    • Investigations
  • Melinda Smith
    Melinda Smith

    Special Counsel

    • Privacy Law
    • IT Law
    • Administrative Law
  • Kelly Bush
    Kelly Bush

    Conveyancing Manager

    • Conveyancing

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