The Planning Act 2022 (ACT)

The Planning Act 2022 (ACT) (The Planning Act) came into effect on 20 June 2023, and will replace the Planning and Development Act 2007 (ACT). Provisions with respect to planning strategy, district strategy, technical specifications and transitions have commenced with the remaining provisions to commence in Quarter 4 of 2023. With a goal to deliver …
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Are you building or renovating? How does your contract deal with disputes?

A recent case involving a dispute between a builder and homeowners after they entered into a Masters Builders Association Home Building Contract (Contract) has highlighted some important considerations in respect of dispute resolution processes in building and construction contracts. The Court upheld the validity of a clause in the Contract which allowed disputes between the …
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COVID-19 response measures regarding retail and commercial lease disputes and assistance for commercial landlords

A new declaration has been released which requires landlords to negotiate in good faith with tenants who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and breached lease provisions as a result. The ACT government is also providing assistance to commercial landlords who have provided rent relief to tenants.

Launching Real Estate into the Digital Domain: The transition to e-Conveyancing in the ACT

The ACT is following in the footsteps of other Australian states and working toward an electronic conveyancing system. It has been on the horizon for months, with the implementation of gradual measures to make the transition, including identity verifications and the removal of requirements for original signatures on documents. So what could e-Conveyancing mean for …
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COVID-19 and the residential tenancies shake up

Countless Australians are facing financial hardship in the wake of significant coronavirus (COVID-19)-related job loss. Despite the tenant-landlord relationship largely being governed by individual Rental Agreements, the Federal Government have announced some crucial changes to help vulnerable tenants during these tough times. On March 29, the Prime Minister released a statement anticipating the threat of …
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Buying off-the-plan

Things are changing in NSW… Buying off the plan can be an exciting time for a homeowner or investor.  The shiny brochures always promise so much and provide an image of an amazing new building, a piece of heaven for you to invest in.  A purchase off the plan can lead to a great financial …
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