AGM Planning

Think it’s too early to plan for your organisation’s AGM? Think again.

Many of the tasks required to properly plan for and hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) take months to prepare for – whether it be preparing amendments to a Constitution or conducting a skills audit of your board. These things take time. 

Here is a checklist to help you get organised.


What is the purpose of your AGM? 

  • To report as required by your Constitution/governing legislation?
  • To elect the office bearers for the next year?
  • To make changes to your Constitution?

Legal obligations 

  • Does your Constitution have requirements for particular matters or conducting the AGM?
  • How much notice are you required to give of the meeting?
  • What is the date by which you must hold the AGM?
  • Who do you need to notify about the meeting?
  • How can notice be served?
  • What is your quorum requirement?
  • Is there a need to have the account’s audited before the AGM?
  • Do nominations for office bearers need to be taken in advance?
  • What decisions are required to be made by ordinary resolution or special resolution?


When and where will the AGM occur? 

  • Set the date, time and location of the AGM
  • Consider accessibility of meeting
  • Which office bearers are retiring or continuing their term?
  • Are there any vacancies in office bearer positions?
  • Will any technology be used to facilitate the AGM?


  • Consider office bearer vacancies and skills gaps
  • Confirm any office bears intending to renominate
  • Ensure nominees are eligible
  • Prepare meeting papers including: notice of meeting and agenda
  • Consider whether you need to call for nominations
  • Confirm the voting system requirements for any decisions to be made (i.e. ballot, show of hands)

At the meeting 

  • Appoint a minute taker
  • Appoint a chair
  • Ensure a quorum is present
  • Accept minutes of last general meeting 
  • Put resolutions to members 

Post meeting 

  • Finalise minutes
  • Handover of office bearers
  • Lodge reports and notify changes to the relevant regulatory body 

If you would like to know more about AGMs or how Griffin Legal can assist you with your organisation’s planning, please contact us here

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