Check In CBR – but don’t check out of your privacy obligations

Everyone across Canberra has seen the Check In CBR posters at venues they have visited. Whether you’re sceptical about the process or happy to Check In, a lot of questions are raised about how the information collected through Check In CBR is used and stored. What are the contact tracing obligations for non-essential businesses in …
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COVIDSafe: The latest government app and what it means for your privacy

The Federal Government have just released their highly anticipated COVIDSafe App to help monitor the spread of novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Of key concern to many is the privacy implications of downloading and using the App. There is much discussion regarding how much data the App collects, who can access the data and how that data …
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Open hand welcoming

What can my employer do with my fingerprints?

A closer look at biometric data in the workplace A recent decision of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) has provided some insight into the collection and use of sensitive information in the workplace. In the case of Jeremy Lee v Superior Wood Pty Ltd [2019] FWCFB 2946, the FWC found that it was unfair for an …
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